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The 11th IET Professional Development Course on Railway Electrification Infrastructure and Systems (REIS) 2023

2023 | TBC

Gain an in-depth technical understanding of railway electrification infrastructure and design from a wide range of industry experts, providing you with first-hand knowledge and experience that goes beyond the standard guidance, which you can apply to in the future

  • This is the only course that you will get taught by so many industry experts in a variety of subjects covering railway electrification
  • Benefit from lessons learnt from major electrification programmes (with the commissioning of Crossrail/Elisabeth line being a good showcase)
  • Networking with representatives/lead engineers from the railway  infrastructure owners, legislation bodies, academia, design houses
  • Learn about the latest technologies and proposals for efficiencies to make electrification more affordable
  • Chance to discuss specific electrification questions and potentially formulise challenges to existing standards.

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