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About the course

The Railway Infrastructure Electrification Systems (REIS) course covers the technical knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully electrify our railways.

Whether you're an early career engineer, project manager or multi-disciplinary rail professional, the REIS course will prepare you to:

  • Advance your career in railway electrification
  • Effectively interface and collaborate across disciplines
  • Improve the performance of your electrification projects

By providing a holistic yet practical overview of railway electrification, the course aims to give attendees a solid grounding in the field to advance their professional development, enable effective collaboration across disciplines and, ultimately, improve the performance of railway electrification projects.

The interactive course is delivered by expert trainers, with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.

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The five day programme takes place over two weeks.

During the first week, there will be two days of live virtual sessions held on Microsoft Teams with our expert trainers.

In week two, sessions take place in person at IET Stevenage: Futures Place, UK, and conclude with an optional technical visit in London.

What’s covered in the course?

Over five intensive days, you'll learn:

  • Fundamental principles of electrifying a railway network
  • Key requirements for infrastructure design, power supply systems and overhead equipment
  • How to apply electrification principles to a real-world railway system
  • Insights into energy efficiency, emerging technologies, and innovation
  • Industry-focussed project exercise
  • Both trainer's presentation slides and supplement technical papers

Mastering these electrification fundamentals is essential for railway engineers as we transition to a zero-emission transport network.

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Who should attend?

This course is designed for engineers in the early stages of their railway electrification career as well as multi-disciplinary rail engineers looking to expand their knowledge base. Attendees will include:

  • Graduate or junior engineers just entering the railway electrification field who need foundational knowledge to progress their skills and careers. The course will equip them with the essential concepts, processes and terminology to become well-rounded young railway electrification engineers.
  • Project managers and design engineers from other railway disciplines, such as civil, mechanical, or signalling, who work on projects involving electrification elements. The course will give them an understanding of the technical and system aspects of electrification to effectively interface and manage the electrification workstreams within their projects.
  • Engineers currently in non-electrification roles who want to transition or move into the railway electrification discipline. Attending the course will expose them to the full breadth of topics within electrification to identify areas of interest and skills to focus on to make the career change.
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